Fredlon Mellendrez

Makati Condo for Sale and Makati Condo for Rent in 2020

Despite the calamity brought by the year 2020, real estate remains a thriving business, especially for a hot spot like Makati.


Because of the incessant demand for properties, such as condominiums, that are undeniably cornerstone to normal, if not luxurious, human living.

Among many other places of its kind, Makati is extra special not just for its reputation, but also due to the many aspects that make a growing city burgeons. Partly, due to the opportunities and kind of people that are rife in a commerce-centric locale.

If you are among the lucky few who had been immune to the ill effects of the ongoing pandemic, all the more reason a developed—and still developing—urban jungle like Makati is for you: with all the conveniences that come with a sustained community.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or someone who is looking to add another asset to his list of ownerships, finding a Makati condo for sale or a Makaticondo for rent should be at the top ten of your priorities in 2020.

Coming across a Makati condo for sale, and eventually acquiring one, is more than just about owning a piece of real estate for one’s own pleasure. To the business-minded, it can also be shifted to become a Makati condo for rent for profit.

A Makati condo for sale can still be an expensive undertaking in 2020 for interested buyers. The value for real estate properties, especially in a spot with large gathering, is not necessarily as easily badly hit as other aspects of our society.

Throughout history, we have seen how even unused buildings for some time could still fetch a large sum to the right buyer.

But the thing about costly properties is that they cater to a select market that proves to be lucrative when it clicks. Thus, making the Makati condo for rent such a feasible business practice, even at a time of bad economy such as the present. Recouping the cost of procuring the property may take time following a leasing route, but the pay off is real to those who have the effort and patience for it.

If you are seeking to make a great profit, taking advantage of a Makati condofor sale for the purpose of reselling is without a doubt its most lucrative, especially short-term. Which, depending on your strategy and luck, could see your expenses becoming doubled, if not more.

While some are in it for the money, there are still, of course, those who may be on the “consuming” side, particularly as someone who chooses to rent in order to experience the quality life in Makati.

If you are a professional who earn good figure salaries, choosing a Makaticondo for rent should be a relatively easy choice for its world-class experience and significantly affordable option than, for example, staying at a hotel, especially long-term.

Yet, you do not necessarily have to solo the burden of the monthly lease. If you are okay with the idea of sharing a space, you have the option to cut your monthly bottom line by having someone share the cost of the rent.

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